Whitney Gould

Craig, Montana

My dream job was to be an animator either for Marvel or DC Comics.

Waters you call home

Missouri, Clearwater, Eel...

Funny Fact

My dream job was to be an animator either for Marvel or DC Comics. One of my favorite pastimes while fishing and/or guiding is to animate real-life situations.


Whitney is a certified Two-handed casting instructor, a full time fly fishing guide, and a six-time Spey-O-Rama casting champion with a current women’s world record of longest cast and overall score. During the fall and winter, she guides and fishes for Steelhead on the Clearwater River, Idaho, and on the Eel River, California. The rest of the year she can be found guiding and fishing for trout using both a two handed and single-handed fly rod on the Missouri River.

Personal beliefs on fly fishing

While fishing, have fun and stay within the moment.

Species you specialize in

Salmon, Steelhead, and Trout.

Preferred fishing method

Fly Fishing a swung fly with a two-hand fly rod.

Favorite RIO Line

Choosing one is impossible. RIO InTouch Long Head Spey, RIO Scandi, RIO Skagit Max. I like them all equally for different reasons, so my favorite line is that made by RIO.


I can depend on RIO flylines.

Favorite Knot

Non-slip mono or a basic clinch with a riffle hitch.

Special Rigging Techniques

A riffle hitch for dry flies with a super small, hard to see, soft hackle trailer.

Best Fly Fishing Tip

Look for smaller water within bigger rivers.

Parting thoughts

I spend a lot of time looking for a rod fly line set up that speaks to me. When I find the perfect combination, it’s magical. That is why I choose to support RIO