Phil Rowley

Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada

Fly fishing is a journey we never complete but it is one we love nonetheless

Waters you call home

Local lakes in and around Edmonton Alberta

Funny Fact

The first time I ever appeared as guest on a fly fishing TV show I had my rod, which was laying unattended as the show host was releasing a fish, pulled out of the boat by a fish on camera. I managed to chase it down recover the rod and battle the fish for a few seconds before it came unbuttoned.


Born in Liverpool, England. Emigrated to Canada when I was seven. I Grew up and went to school on Vancouver Island. Just after school I moved to the greater Vancouver area where I lived for over 25 years. I Spent 23 years in the auto insurance/collision industry, it wasn’t my calling. Left industry 11 years ago and moved my wife and two sons to Alberta for a career change in the fishing industry. Currently self-employed, I am the Director of Marketing and Communications for Trout Unlimited Canada, seminar speaker, guide, fly fishing hosted trips, co owner online Stillwater Fly Fishing Store, author and TV co-host.

Angling accomplishments

Author (3 books), Video Producer, Member of Gold Medal winning team 2007 Canadian Fly Fishing Championships, Appeared on over 100 TV Shows, currently one of the co-hosts of the New Fly Fisher, RIO Advisory Team member. I am also on the ambassador/pro staff teams of a number of other fly fishing companies.

Personal beliefs on fly fishing

Become a complete student of the game, practice and know a variety of casts, be versatile, chase any fish that swims, don’t get locked into one method or presentation technique, attend shows and seminars, read, use the Internet gather knowledge from all disciplines of fly fishing and from all anglers. Don’t however, miss the moment, enjoy and appreciate the environment in which the fish we pursue with the fly inhabit.

Species you specialize in

Trout (all species), Northern Pike, Walleye and Lake Whitefish

Preferred fishing method

Stillwater trout fishing, Euro nymphing.

Favorite RIO Line

Tough question there are so many excellent choices. At this point I would have to say the In Touch Indicator Extreme line. The Midge Tip and Hover lines are right behind. The Indicator leader is also a personal favorite. Please don’t discontinue them!


As my preferred method is stillwater fly fishing RIO is the only company that offers such a diverse range of fly lines that allow me to meet the presentation challenges lakes offer. Having a suite of RIO lines at my disposal provides me with definite advantage. I am also a student of other fly fishing methods, from tiny dry flies on spring creeks, Euro nymphing, two handed rods, saltwater fly fishing to name a few. RIO is the industry leader in fly line and leader development, they have it all!

Favorite Knot

Non slip loop knot.

Special Rigging Techniques

I am huge fan of droppers and use a sliding dropper system. To form a sliding dropper take an 8” section of tippet and tie a perfection loop in one end. Loop this tippet around your leader above a stopper such as a triple surgeon’s knot or a small barrel swivel. The stopper prevents the sliding dropper from sliding down to the point fly at the end of the leader. The advantages of this system include reduced tangles, flies working freely and the ease of changing flies.

Best Fly Fishing Tip

When fly fishing lakes, allow time to let your flies sink and retrieve them slow and irregular. Many people find stillwater fly fishing challenging because they don’t let their flies sink long enough and don’t retrieve the flies slow enough.

Parting thoughts

Fly fishing is a journey we never complete but it is one we love nonetheless, as the motto on my website states, “Because you never stop learning!”

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