Peter Morse

Blue Mountains, Australia

The mental zone we fish in is the key to great days on the water. Be adaptable, be versatile but above all be happy.

Waters you call home

I don’t really have any. I moved to the mountains in 1979 to be close to some reasonable trout water, but over the years it’s declined considerably as a trout fishery and my nearest good fishing now involves some great carp fishing in those same mountain rivers. If I want a trout fix New Zealand isn’t too far away. I travel a good deal for my fishing. I mostly fish saltwater though and Sydney Harbor is my nearest good fly fishing water.

Funny Fact

There’s no such thing as a bad fish.


Born and raised in Fiji, my father and my grandfather were both fly fishermen but back then saltwater fish didn’t know they could eat flies. I was schooled in Australia and inherited my grandfather’s fly tackle. From the first time I picked it up I was the one who was hooked. I was living in Sydney at the time and trout waters were many hours away but the harbor was full of fish and these did eat flies. I have been a full time fly fisherman since 1989. By the mid 80’s I’d started writing for several magazines and in that time also studied photography. In the mid 90’s I was signed up to present a television series. It was a prime time travel and fishing series called Wildfish and it was very popular. Since then I’ve written 3 books and presented many fly fishing segments for a fishing DVD magazine. I’m also a Master Instructor with the International Federation of Fly Fishers and these days do a lot of teaching. I really enjoy teaching fly casting and fly fishing.

Personal beliefs on fly fishing

The mental zone we fish in is the key to great days on the water. Be adaptable, be versatile but above all be happy. There’s no better day than when you hit that complete zone where nothing else in the world exists outside of the water and fish in front of you. I don’t find that zone often enough.

Species you specialize in

All fish, all waters. I don’t think of myself as a specialist in any field, I love it all. I particularly enjoy catching new species and species that are not on the radar of most fly fishermen. My favorite fish are barramundi, bonefish, trout, permit, the trevally species, the tuna family, and the billfish family with many others easily included.

Preferred fishing method

Sight fishing to most species whether it’s a rising or cruising trout, a prowling bonefish, a teased up billfish or a tailing carp, but I’m also happy to do some dredging if that’s what is required.

Favorite RIO Line

Permit line, Single Hand Spey, Leviathan, Gold, tropical Saltwater I/I. With the fishing I do its impossible to name just one.


Great tapers and finishes, because they listen. Every year the prospect of casting their new releases is exciting, “What have they come up with now!” - and its invariably good.

Favorite Knot

Bimini twist, double blood.

Special Rigging Techniques

Learn a few knots very well and be prepared to change your rig. If we aren’t confident in our knot tying ability we won’t make the changes that might make the difference between an OK day and an outstanding day

Best Fly Fishing Tip

Become the best caster you can possibly be. Understand water flow and how it affects the movement of food and the predators.

Parting thoughts

No one has ever been able to give me a single disadvantage from the consequences of becoming a better caster.