Mark Raisler

Craig, Montana

Clean lines are imperative for fishing success!

Waters you call home

Missouri River

Funny Fact

Originally thought the Missouri River started in Missouri.


Fly fishing since 20 years of age. Grew up in a fly fishing family on the Skagit River but did not find the sport attractive until then. Introduced to the Missouri River May ‘92 and have never looked back. Full time resident from ’97 til today. Commercial tier and casting instructor for the first few years. Began guiding in 2000. Montana Outfitter in ‘05. Opened Headhunters Fly Shop ‘08. Love dry fly fishing this vast resource. A resource that you can continue to learn and grow within the confines of the Missouri River. And I’m still learning.

Personal beliefs on fly fishing

Why not use the best in gear. Fresh tippets, leaders,a dn clean fly lines. I clean mine daily. The fly line is the vehicle that delivers the fly to the target. Clean lines are imperative for fishing success!

Species you specialize in


Preferred fishing method

Fly Fishing. Dry, nymph, streamer.

Favorite RIO Line:

I’m back on the RIO Gold. The InTouch Gold with ConnectCore. It is awesome and matches well to most fast action fly rods. Clients can cast it with ease.


I’ve been a RIO fan since the early 90’s starting first with their tippet and then the RIO Windcutter fly line. I have always been excited by the RIO brand. The most innovative and fresh fly line. leader, and tippet producer on this earth. The single and two handed line selections is impressive creating a specialty line for any type of fly fishing you desire. Complete narrow focus allows for the nest in the fly fishing industry.

Favorite Knot

Blood Knot

Special Rigging Techniques

Not afraid to use a swivel for double rigging streamer flies. Also a swivel for some deep and heavy nymphing. Always have a few in my box for those special times.

Best Fly Fishing Tip

Clean your fly line daily. Do it. And practice casting off of the water 10 minutes a week. You’ll catch more fish!

Parting thoughts

Fly fishing is a sport that you can learn and participate in your entire life. The people, places, and memories from fly fishing will make you a better person. It really will.