Sabotage – A Guides Perspective to Fishing Trips

Ryan Johnston

When we go fishing how come we sabotage our trips? As anglers we spend all of this time preparing for the trip, mentally dreaming about every stage of the adventure, buying all the latest gear, drooling over hours of YouTube videos, and doing so much research that we fall asleep staring at Blog reports on our computers. Each time a trip is planned there is a tiny kid in each of us that feels like we are about to go to Disneyland for the first time. We might as well have a fishing advent calendar hanging on the wall for a month before the trip with a small stuffed trout that we move every morning counting down the days to our next big trip. Rather than running to mom tugging on her pants leg to tell her only 23 more days to Fishmas we send goofy texts to our other crazy fishing buddies saying only 552 more hours till we get to leave. Then your friend responds with “I’m so excited that I tied up 15 dozen flies last night, half of them look like crap but I’m sure some kind of fish will eat them. #turdfly #551morehours”

There is nothing better than getting ready and dreaming about your next adventure. Whether it’s a day trip to the favorite local spot or your dream fishing vacation we all get amped up to hit the water with our buddies. For me the excitement and expectation of the trip is half of the fun. What makes me scratch my head though is why we booby trap our trip once we actually get there? How come we spend all of this energy and excitement to not give our best efforts on the water? It’s hard to stay that amped up for a long period of time as it takes physical responsibility and mental capacity to stay on top of our game. After years of traveling with friends and guiding clients who themselves are on Fishmas I have learned a few tricks to make your fishing trip more successful.