April Vokey

Northern British Columbia/Eastern Australia

Fly fishing is a journey which we travel at our own pace.

Waters you call home

The Bulkley and several other rivers that you will need to beat me to get the names of.

Funny Fact

I learned all I know about swinging flies by swinging spoons in my younger years (and am proud of it).


I began fishing as a kid and made the regular progression from gear angler, to single hand fly fisher, to Spey fisher. To make a long story short, I began my guiding career as a sturgeon/salmon guide on the Fraser River before eventually starting my own fly fishing operation, Fly Gal Ventures, in 2007. I am passionate about wild steelhead, saltwater angling, writing, teaching, podcasting — and anything that I can dip in butter.

Personal beliefs on fly fishing

It is a journey which we travel at our own pace.

Species you specialize in


Preferred fishing method

In my freshwater fishing, I’ve circled back to the more relaxed and traditional methods, thus preferring bamboo rods and lighter lines/flies. When it comes to my saltwater fishing, rapid chaos suits me just fine.

Favorite RIO Line

The versatile Scandi.


Because they’ve never let me down.

Favorite Knot

Loop Knot.

Special Rigging Techniques

I use a tube fly with a double surgeon’s knot to loop my hook onto.

Best Fly Fishing Tip

Pay attention to the little things — both in casting and the experience as a whole.

Parting thoughts

As much as you have come to expect your fishery to give to you, it expects the same in return. Please don’t forget to donate your time/money/support to the fisheries you enjoy. Proudly a 1% for the Planet member.