RIO's Coastal Quickshooter

RIO Products

RIO's Coastal QuickShooter line features a clear intermediate head, and is designed specifically for anglers fly fishing off the coast in cooler conditions. The line features a short front taper that has no problem turning over baitfish and shrimp patterns in typical coastal winds, and has a short, easy casting head to help the rod load at close range. The regular Coastal QuickShooter features a chartreuse running line, and has a more delicate head and taper; ideal for Coho, sea run cutties, sea trout and sea bass, and is available in WF5I to WF8I.

The Coastal QuickShooter XP (Extra Powerful) is a much heavier line, with more weight at the front and is specifically designed for casting the largest of flies. It is ideal for Striped bass, and other large species, and is available in WF8I to WF10I.

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