Chris Walker

Idaho Falls, ID

Chris grew up in central New York and picked up fly fishing at the age of 12. Instead of the historic trout streams of the Catskills, he first focused on the smallmouth bass and super-spooky carp in the local river. From there he branched out to local trout streams, landlocked Atlantic salmon in the Finger Lakes, and warmwater species throughout the region until graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Materials Science and Engineering from Cornell University.

Now Chris manages the product development group at RIO in Idaho Falls. Some days that means designing, refining, testing, and re-designing lines to perfect a taper for a given application. Other days it could be working with various new materials along with RIO’s manufacturing team to produce the slickest and highest performance lines on the market. Regardless of the task, “product testing” remains central to the group’s mission. Chris spends hundreds of days per year putting new products through the paces both locally on the legendary trout waters of Eastern Idaho and in further-flung locales including tropical flats, steelhead rivers, and his old home waters of upstate New York.

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