Beyond a WF-F

by Diana Rudolph


A sink tip works well for tossing big flashy profile flies”

Too windy, too calm; the tide was weak, the tide was strong; too cold, too warm. Shall I continue? These are conditions that all anglers have experienced. Thankfully, those rare but divine occasions exist when everything falls into place; but more often than not, some factor or factors come into play that sabotage the “perfect” fishing day. We can’t control the weather or the moon phases, but we can prepare for them, and this planning can turn a slow fishing day into something much more interesting and perhaps even unforgettable.

When fishing home waters, it is much easier to organize and arrange the appropriate tackle for a day on the water, because various lines, leaders and flies are usually at hand or available from a nearby shop. Not so for the traveling angler, especially when visiting remote locales. While it helps to read fishing reports and research conditions, the fact is, they change and one fly line won’t do it all. It is important to have an open mind and to think beyond the standard weight forward floater, which saltwater anglers hold in such high regard.