by Aaron Jasper


Annually, I plan a special fishing trip to a new destination. Traveling to Europe has been a lifelong goal of mine, and luckily for me, European countries all have wonderful fly fishing opportunities. The first person that came to mind when I was planning this trip was prior Team USA Fishing Member, George Daniel. George has fished more in Europe than most people. When posed the magic question, “Where should I go?”, there was little hesitation on his part. He quickly answered “Austria.” His enthusiasm made me certain of my choice. I’ll just say this; I was not disappointed one bit.

Within a week of talking with George, my flight from Newark, New Jersey to Vienna, Austria was set. I researched every river and stream that I wanted to fish and made several excellent contacts that led to some very memorable fly-fishing experiences.

Austria is very unique in the fact that it offers every single fly fisherman, whether they are beginner or expert, the opportunity to have a fly fishing trip of a lifetime.