After Season

By Capt. Brian Horsely


By season’s end the stress had left me feeling like I had played a complete NFL season without a helmet. It was the end of November around Cape Lookout, N.C., and the false albacore season was over. We had struggled through a tough seven-week albacore season, and lots of extreme weather had left both the anglers and the fish off their game.

With bad weather and picky fish, the stress factor ratcheted up to maximum. The problem of finding fish was compounded with customers’/captains’ comfort and safety. The foul weather even affected the Spanish mackerel, big reds that are associated with fall at Cape Lookout.

People relieve stress in many ways — vacations, exercise, hunting, just to name a few of the healthier options. For me, it is stringing up my 5 wt., calling friends and heading to the rocks for a little speckled trout fishing.