5 Tips on Fishing the Henry’s Fork

by Mike Lawson


Over the years the Harriman State Park section of the Henry’s Fork has had its ups and downs. Fishing really hit the skids during the drought years of the 90s but it has rebounded nicely. It was known as the Railroad Ranch when I was a kid when I fished there with my father. It was mostly fished by locals until the early 1970s when every fly fishing writer in America started to write about it. It wasn’t long before all of the parking areas were filled with out-of-state vehicles and rental cars.

In spite of the fact that the Henry’s Fork is one of the most diverse rivers in the world, most anglers focused all of their attention on the section of river that flows through the Ranch. Here the river is a huge spring creek more than 100 yards wide as it meanders across and through open meadows for at least 8 miles where trout can be almost anywhere.