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Freshwater SlickCast Fly Lines

RIO’s range of freshwater SlickCast fly lines have the slickest, most durable fly line coating on the market; producing the least amount of friction ever measured on a fly line. The series encompasses our Elite tier of fly lines, all built on a low-stretch, high performance core, and our Premier tier, built on a standard high performance core. Lines built with SlickCast out cast and out last every other fly line there is.

Elite SlickCast Fly Lines


The highest-performing, longest lasting freshwater fly line family – with low-stretch, ultra-slick performance

  • Built on low-stretch ConnectCore Plus for the very best in casting control and enhanced fishing experiences
  • Made with SlickCast, resulting in the slickest, most durable fly lines. Period.

Premier SlickCast Fly Lines


High-performing, long-lasting freshwater fly lines - with ultra-slick performance

  • Built on standard, high performance cores, and featuring exceptionally smooth coatings
  • Made with SlickCast, resulting in the slickest, most durable fly lines. Period.

Saltwater SlickCast  Fly Lines

Our Elite saltwater SlickCast fly lines are all built on RIO’s low-stretch, low-memory DirectCore that results in a fly line lying perfectly straight on the water, while retaining the stiffness needed to cast in the heat. Built with SlickCast, these are the highest performing, slickest, most durable saltwater fly lines ever made, and perfect for the tropical saltwater angler.

Elite Flats Pro


The very best all-around flats line, and perfect for multiple destinations, species and water types

  • Mid-length head and long back taper to cast a multitude of fly sizes
  • Full range of densities for all conditions; Floating, StealthTip, 15ft Intermediate Tip, and Full Intermediate

Elite Bonefish


Designed with a long head and back taper for precise presentations to spooky bones

  • Front loaded head to quickly load the rod and make a fast cast
  • Two color options available: Easy to see “Bahamian Flag” and “Light Sand/Orange/Blue”

Elite Tarpon


Designed with an easy casting, quick-loading, mid-length head for fast, accurate casts to tarpon

  • Long back taper for stability, control and easy pick ups for quick 2nd shot casts
  • Short, powerful front taper easily cast large flies, and copes with typical saltwater winds

Elite Permit


Designed with a long head and back taper for controlled casts to permit at distance

  • Powerful front taper to easily cast and turnover heavy crab patterns
  • Two color options available: Easy to track “Sand/Orange/Blue” and a more subtle “Dark Sand/Camo/ Light Sand”

Spey SlickCast Lines

RIO’s Elite Spey family is the highest performing, most technically advanced series of shooting heads and shooting lines ever created for the Spey angler. Built on low stretch cores, and with RIO’s incredible SlickCast, this series of lines will out cast and out last every other similar line, and offers a radical increase in toughness, coating smoothness and overall performance.

Elite Skagit Max Power


Short, easy casting heads for the biggest flies, and tightest restrictions

  • Designed for shorter Spey rods, tight restrictions, and almost impossibly easy casting
  • High “grains per foot” power, making it ideal for the largest flies, heaviest tips, and toughest winds

Elite Skagit Max Launch


Smooth casting Skagit heads, perfectly balanced for the appropriate sink tips

  • Taper designed to perfectly match typical Skagit tips for exceptionally smooth energy transfer from head to tip to fly
  • Sophisticated body design and taper gives long flight times and effortless distance

Elite Metered Shooting Line


Low-stretch, high performance shooting line built with RangeFinder for easy distance evaluation

  • Low stretch core results in more positive hook sets and higher fish landing rates
  • Color change every 10ft to make it easy for anglers to gauge how far each cast is, and to fish through a pool with greater consistency