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Elite RIO


“If I had to pick one Trout line to always have spooled and ready, it would be the Elite Gold. No other taper works on a wider range of rods or for a wider range of applications. Plus, new SlickCast and ConnectCore Plus technologies make this the best fly line RIO has ever produced.”

 Chris Walker, RIO R&D Manager

  • The ultimate all-around trout fly line with low-stretch, ultra-slick performance

Powerflex Leader


"I love the PowerFlex Trout Leader Selection. You get three of the most useful sizes of leaders in either a 4X/5X/6X configuration or my favorite the 3X/4X/5X. With the 3X/4X/5X kit and some cutting back of a leader or a little tippet addition I am covered from streamers to a tiny dry flies."

 Wayne Peterson, RIO R&D

  • A selection of three PowerFlex leaders that are perfect for nearly any situation.

Flats Pro


"Whether I am traveling to the FL Keys to fish Tarpon, Cuba for Permit, or any other tropical saltwater destination our Flats Pro Line is sure to be on some of my reels."

 Zack Dalton, RIO Sales Manager

  • Perfect For Bonefish, Permit, And Tarpon With Low Stretch Performance

RIo Signature
Euro nymph Assortment


“If I picked out flies for a friend who was trying Euro Nymphing, and I wanted them to be successful on the first day, it would look like this assortment.”

 Patrick Kilby, RIO Fly Designer

  • Whether you're new to Euro Nymphing or already addicted, this selection of proven patterns will elevate your game.

Shooting Line


“I love our Metered Shooting Line. The low stretch core has increased my hook up to landed ratio by about fourfold, while the metering keeps my casting distance controlled and consistent. It is simply brilliant stuff.”

 Simon Gawesworth, RIO Brand Manager

  • Ultra-low stretch ConnectCore for maximum sensitivity and performance