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RIO's Euro Nymphing Essentials

Euro nymphing has rapidly become a very popular, deadly way of fly fishing for trout, and being a relatively new side to the sport, the gear needed to fish this style can be overwhelming. Luckily, RIO has put together this simple gear guide that should help make some of those decisions easier.

Fly Lines

There is virtually no casting needed when Euro nymphing so the fly line serves a very different purpose than any other fly-fishing discipline. As a result, the lines are simple in design, and are more designed for visual/tactile strike detection than casting. Some of our Euro style fly lines, like our TECHNICAL EURO NYMPH LINE, even feature integrated leaders for a seamless fishing experience and the best possible performance.

Leader and Tippet

As with the fly line, the leaders used for Euro nymphing are highly specialized – again designed for sensitivity and feel, over casting. Fluorocarbon tippet is preferred for Euro nymphing—mostly because it is more dense than nylon, but also less visible. Our new FLUOROFLEX STRONG makes the perfect material for this style of fly fishing. In addition, anglers use a bright, easy to see, contrasting tippet material like our TWO TONE INDICATOR MATERIAL to really help with the visual aspect.


The special technique of Euro nymphing means getting flies (mostly nymphs) down deep, and fast, so the majority of the flies designed for this style of fishing are weighted. In addition, because they are fished close to the bottom, with almost a vertical leader/line above, they are usually tied on jig hooks to ride point up and reduce the chance of catching the bottom. Still unsure what to pick? RIO's SIGNATURE EURO NYMPH ASSORTMENT makes picking the right flies easy.