Saltwater Nylon Tippet

Medium stiff, highly abrasion resistant tippet. Ideal for saltwater.

    Like most RIO tippets, the Saltwater Nylon is easy to knot and a great option for any angler. Made from general purpose saltwater tippet material, the Saltwater Nylon is great for casting the largest flies and in tough winds. 30 yard spools come in 8 - 30 lb options.
SKU Total Length Line Size Leader Tippet Material Test Diameter MSRP
6-22185 30yd 27.4m 8lb Nylon 8lb 4kg 0.011in 0.279mm 4.95 Buy
6-22186 30yd 27.4m 10lb Nylon 10lb 5kg 0.012in 0.305mm 4.95 Buy
6-22187 30yd 27.4m 12lb Nylon 12lb 6kg 0.014in 0.356mm 4.95 Buy
6-22188 30yd 27.4m 16lb Nylon 16lb 8kg 0.015in 0.381mm 4.95 Buy
6-22189 30yd 27.4m 20lb Nylon 20lb 10kg 0.017in 0.432mm 4.95 Buy
6-22190 30yd 27.4m 25lb Nylon 25lb 12kg 0.018in 0.457mm 4.95 Buy
6-22191 30yd 27.4m 30lb Nylon 30lb 15kg 0.019in 0.483mm 4.95 Buy