Powerflex Tippet - Guide Spool

High tenacity copolymer with excellent knot strength ideal for trout.

    The RIO Powerflex Tippet Guide Spool is made from a a high tech co-polymer material, giving it excellent knot strength. A PTFE coating protects from abrasion, while giving it elongation (stretch) properties that average about 26%. Availabe from 7X to 0X, the Powerflex is perfect for all species. Its light grey color provides superb camouflage in the water.
SKU Total Length Line Size Leader Tippet Material Test Diameter MSRP
6-22020 110yd 100m 7X Nylon 2.4lb 1.1kg 0.004in 0.102mm 9.95 Buy
6-22021 110yd 100m 6X Nylon 3.4lb 1.5kg 0.005in 0.127mm 9.95 Buy
6-22022 110yd 100m 5X Nylon 5.0lb 2.3kg 0.006in 0.152mm 9.95 Buy
6-22023 110yd 100m 4X Nylon 6.4lb 2.9kg 0.007in 0.178mm 9.95 Buy
6-22024 110yd 100m 3X Nylon 8.2lb 3.7kg 0.008in 0.203mm 9.95 Buy
6-22025 110yd 100m 2X Nylon 10lb 4.5kg 0.009in 0.229mm 9.95 Buy
6-22026 75yd 68.6m 1X Nylon 13lb 5.9kg 0.010in 0.254mm 9.95 Buy
6-22027 75yd 68.6m 0X Nylon 15lb 6.8kg 0.011in 0.279mm 9.95 Buy