Fluoroflex Plus Tippet - Guide Spool

Ultra strong, supple, 100% fluorocarbon with high knot strength.

    The RIO Fluoroflex Plus Tippet - Guide Spool is made from 100% fluorocarbon, making it the strongest, thinnest fluorocarbon on the market. With its incredible strength and soft material, the Fluoroflex has the ability to tie excellent knots. Clear in color, the refractive index in the nylon also makes it almost invisible to fish as it sinks quicker for more effective fly fishing.
SKU Total Length Line Size Leader Tippet Material Test Diameter MSRP
6-22315 110yd 100m 7X Fluorocarbon 2.5lb 1.2kg 0.004in 0.102mm 39.95 Buy
6-22314 110yd 100m 6X Fluorocarbon 3.6lb 1.7kg 0.005in 0.127mm 39.95 Buy
6-22313 110yd 100m 5X Fluorocarbon 5lb 2.4kg 0.006in 0.152mm 39.95 Buy
6-22312 110yd 100m 4X Fluorocarbon 7lb 3.3kg 0.007in 0.178mm 39.95 Buy
6-22311 110yd 100m 3X Fluorocarbon 8.5lb 3.9kg 0.008in 0.203mm 39.95 Buy
6-22310 110yd 100m 2X Fluorocarbon 12lb 5.5kg 0.009in 0.229mm 39.95 Buy
6-22309 75yd 68.6m 1X Fluorocarbon 15lb 6.8kg 0.010in 0.254mm 39.95 Buy
6-22308 75yd 68.6m 0X Fluorocarbon 13lb 5.9kg 0.011in 0.279mm 39.95 Buy