John Barr

John lived his first 12 years in the Pacific North West where he discovered the joy of fly fishing.

After spells living in Oregon, Washington and California, John moved to Fort Carson, Colorado Springs, Colorado. He fell in love with the state and never left, and now resides east of Boulder in an area called Gunbarrel.

The trout streams and creeks of Colorado proved to be inspirational for John and lead to John creating such famous patterns as the "Copper John" and "Barr's Emerger". Even though John is known for his trout patterns, he fly fishes for all species from cold water, to warm water to salt water and enjoys the flats and blue water fly fishing as much as he does fly fishing his local trout streams.

John is currently working on a book (to be published by Stackpole Books) discussing some of his philosophies regarding fly fishing. The chapters include some of his famed fly patterns with their foundation in entomology, how the pattern evolved, and how and when to fish each pattern.