Saltwater / Fly Line / Tropical / Leviathan 26ft Sink Tip

Ultra-strong, fast sinking line designed for bluewater anglers targeting the largest tropical species

Leviathan 26ft Sink Tip

250gr (16.2gm)
300gr (19.4gm)
350gr (22.7gm)
400gr (25.9gm)
500gr (32.4gm)
600gr (38.9gm)
750gr (48.6gm)
Black/Trans Blue
Black/Trans Green
Black/Trans Salmon
Black/Trans Yellow
1.5/6.7 ips
1.5/7.2 ips
1.5/7.7 ips
1.5/8.5 ips
1.5/9.7 ips

Leviathan 26ft Sink Tip


Leviathan 26ft Sink Tip

Line Profile

RIO's Leviathan lines have been specifically designed for the largest of tropical species. Each line features a powerful front taper to cast the biggest of flies, a short, heavy head to load bluewater rods, and a hard, tropical coating to prevent the line from wilting in the heat. The line has a 26ft, fast-sinking head seamlessly integrated into an intermediate running line.

In addition, a tough, ultra-strong core ensures the line will easily battle large fish and resist being cut on coral and rock structures. The lines have the following core strengths:

250gr - 35lb
300gr - 50lb
350gr - 50lb
400gr - 50lb
500gr - 70lb
600gr - 70lb
750gr - 70lb

The 250-400gr line have welded loops on both ends for easy rigging.