Spey / Scandinavian / Tips / Spey VersiLeader 6ft

Short sinking leaders; ideal for light Skagit heads, Scandi heads and Spey lines

Spey VersiLeader 6ft

Black/Black Loop
Black/Blue Loop
Blue/Red Loop
Brown/Green Loop
Clear/Clear Loop
1.5ips (3.8cm/s)
2.6ips (6.6cm/s)
3.9ips (9.9cm/s)
5.6ips (14.2cm/s)
7.0ips (17.8cm/s)

Spey VersiLeader 6ft

RIO’S 6ft Spey VersiLeaders have a strong nylon core of 25 lbs and come in a range of different sink rates. They are a great addition to Spey lines and Scandinavian style heads and provide the angler with a wide range of quick-change depth options. A neat, bullet-proof welded loop at the butt end allows for fast rigging. The leaders are available with the following sink rates:

1.5 ips (clear loop)
3 ips (green loop)
4 ips (red loop)
5 ips (blue loop)
7 ips (black loop)