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Powerful, sink tips designed for big flies with an intermediate rear section.

InTouch Skagit iMOW Tips - Medium

10ft Intermediate
5ft Int/5ft T-11
7.5ft Float/2.5ft T-11
2.5ft Float/7.5ft T-11
1.5 - 7-8ips

InTouch Skagit iMOW Tips - Medium

$19.95 $24.95

InTouch Skagit iMOW Tips - Medium

Line Profile

RIO’s InTouch iMOW tips are designed to cast the biggest of flies with exceptional ease, and have an intermediate rear section,  which creates a smooth depth transition between a floating body and fast sinking tip, and perfect contact between the angler and the fly. They are also the ideal tip for intermediate based Skagit heads, like RIO’s iFlight. 

"Medium" InTouch iMOW tips feature T11 for the fast sinking section (which sinks at 8" per second) and are ideal for Skagit heads between 475 and 575 grains.  All InTouch iMOW tips are built on RIO’s ConnectCore for ultra-low stretch performance.