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An incredibly sensitive shooting line with fantastic no-tangle performance - the best shooting line ever made

ConnectCore Shooting Line


ConnectCore Shooting Line


ConnectCore Shooting Line

Line Profile

RIO’s ConnectCore shooting line is the very best coated shooting line on the market with tremendous assets for the Spey fly fisher. Built on an ultra-low stretch core, it allows anglers to stay perfectly in touch with their fly throughout the swing and feel every slight touch. A thick, highly visible handling section makes it easy to grip the line, and shows when to stop stripping and make the cast. The super slick XS Technology coating floats high and shoots far.

Both ends of the shooting line have large, 8" loops neatly welded to the end to allow easy rigging. Anglers can utilize the thick handling section at the front, or keep the thinner nonorange end at the front.