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Tough, bite-resistant wire attached to a tapered nylon leader - perfect for all species with sharp teeth.

Toothy Critter Leader

Toothy Critter Leader
15lb Shock
20lb Shock
30lb Shock
45lb Shock
15lb Shock/Bronze
15lb Shock/Silver
20lb Shock/Bronze
20lb Shock/Silver
30lb Shock/Bronze
30lb Shock/Silver
45lb Shock/Bronze
45lb Shock/Silver

Toothy Critter Leader

An ultra-stiff nylon leader attached to a tough, bite resistant wire shock tippet that is ideal for bluefish, barracuda and similar toothy species - total length of 7.5 ft. There are two wire choices: 

1) A nylon coated single strand steel wire with snap link (silver) 
2) a supple nylon coated braided wire that you can knot (bronze)

Each option is available with 15 lb, 20 lb, 30 lb and 45 lb wire strength bite tippet. The 15 lb and 20 lb wire leaders are attached to a 20 lb class tapered leader, while the 30 lb and 45 lb wire bite tippet options are attached to a 30 lb class tapered leader.