• Lt. Gray/Black Load Point
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The most versatile spey line on the market that's great for all river sizes.

    RIO's UniSpey has a powerful mid length head that is the most versatile of spey line designs, and that will cast long distances with ease. This UniSpey model is a floating line with integrated running line.
  • Long, powerful front taper that unroll with ease
  • Loading point marker easily identifies the line's sweet spot
  • Exceptionally neat, strong welded loops that don't come apart
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SKU Line Size Color Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Total Length MSRP
6-20597 6/7F Lt. Gray/Black Load Point 480 52ft 15.8m Float 110ft 33.8m 89.95 Buy
6-20598 7/8F Lt. Gray/Black Load Point 540 54ft 16.5m Float 120ft 36.5m 89.95 Buy
6-20599 8/9F Lt. Gray/Black Load Point 600 56ft 17m Float 125ft 38.1m 89.95 Buy
6-20600 9/10F Lt. Gray/Black Load Point 675 60ft 18.3m Float 130ft 39.6m 89.95 Buy
6-20601 10/11F Lt. Gray/Black Load Point 750 64ft 19.5m Float 130ft 39.6m 89.95 Buy