Blue / Straw

Short Head Spey

An easy casting, traditional Spey line design with a short head that is ideal for casters moving up from Skagit and Scandi type lines.

    The Short Head Spey line from RIO is a very easy casting, traditional style Spey line, which is ideal for Spey casters moving up from easier casting Scandi and Skagit heads. The head length varies between 40 ft and 50 ft, depending on line size, and it is a great choice of traditional Spey line for anglers using shorter rods and when fishing in tight quarters. The longer head lengths (when compared to Skagit and Scandi heads) allow for less stripping in time at the end of each cast, which means more fishing time, and less loose line to handle and shoot with each cast.

  • Short head loads quickly and makes it simple to cast in tight quarters
  • Rear loaded weight distribution loads rods easily and ensures effortless, efficient Spey casts
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SKU Line Size Color Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Total Length MSRP
6-20299 5/6F Blue / Straw 430gr 40ft / 12.2m Float 100ft / 30m 89.95 Buy
6-20305 6/7F Blue / Straw 470gr 42ft / 12.8m Float 110ft / 33.8m 89.95 Buy
6-20306 7/8F Blue / Straw 520gr 44ft / 13.4m Float 110ft / 33.8m 89.95 Buy
6-20307 8/9F Blue / Straw 580gr 46ft / 14m Float 115ft / 35m 89.95 Buy
6-20308 9/10F Blue / Straw 650gr 48ft / 14.6m Float 120ft / 36.5m 89.95 Buy
6-20309 10/11F Blue / Straw 730gr 50ft / 15.2m Float 120ft / 36.5m 89.95 Buy