InTouch Level T

Fast sinking, level tungsten tips that sink like a rock

    These fast sinking, level tips use tungsten powder for density, not lead and, as a result, are supple, do not kink and sink like a rock. Built on RIOís ultra-low stretch ConnectCore, they are extremely sensitive to soft grabs and ensure fast, solid hook sets.
  • The tips are color-coded for quick identification and are made with an easy-to-weld coating
  • Each tip is designed to be cut and tuned to the anglerís individual fishing and casting requirements
  • Loops available on all 30ft lengths, except for T-20
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SKU Line Size Color Sink Rate Total Length MSRP
6-20575 T-8 30ft / 20lb Deep Red 6-7ips 30ft / 9.1m 29.95 Buy
6-20576 T-11 30ft / 20lb Dark Green 7-8ips 30ft / 9.1m 29.95 Buy
6-20577 T-14 30ft / 30lb Dark Blue 8-9ips 30ft / 9.1m 29.95 Buy
6-20578 T-17 30ft / 30lb Gray 9-10ips 30ft / 9.1m 34.95 Buy
6-20579 T-20 30ft / 30lb Black 10+ ips 30ft / 9.1m 34.95 Buy
6-20872 T-8 500ft / 20lb Deep Red 6-7ips 500ft / 152.4m 299.95 Buy
6-20873 T-11 500ft / 20lb Dark Green 7-8ips 500ft / 152.4m 299.95 Buy
6-20874 T-14 500ft / 30lb Dark Blue 8-9ips 500ft / 152.4m 299.95 Buy
6-20875 T-17 500ft / 30lb Gray 9-10ips 500ft / 152.4m 329.95 Buy
6-20876 T-20 500ft / 30lb Black 10+ ips 500ft / 152.4m 329.95 Buy