• Gray
  • 5ft Gray/5ft Black
  • 7.5ft Gray/2.5ft Black
  • Black/Gray Sleeve

Extra Heavy Skagit MOW Tips

These tips allow anglers using Skagit lines to cover every likely fishing situation and conditions encountered, and are the absolute ultimate in sinking tip versatility.

    The Extra Heavy MOW Tips are the heaviest of the MOW series; built with T-17 for the sinking section and with a sink rate of nearly 10" per second, it really gets down when depth is needed. Each of the tips either have a gray floating section, or a gray loop for easy identification. These tips are ideal on the heavier Skagit lines of 675 grains and more.
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SKU Clan Line Size Color Head Length Sink Rate MSRP
6-20046 Extra Heavy 10ft Float Gray 10ft 3m Float 19.95 Buy
6-20047 Extra Heavy 2.5ft T-17/7.5ft Black/Gray 10ft 3m Flt/9 ips 24.95 Buy
6-20048 Extra Heavy 5ft T-17/5ft Black/Gray 10ft 3m Flt/9 ips 24.95 Buy
6-20049 Extra Heavy 7.5ft T-17/2.5ft Black/Gray 10ft 3m Flt/9 ips 24.95 Buy
6-20050 Extra Heavy 10ft T-17 Black 10ft 3m 9-10 ips 19.95 Buy
6-20051 Extra Heavy 12.5ft T-17 Black 12.5ft 3.8m 9-10 ips 19.95 Buy