Beige/Pale Green

Switch Line

Designed for switch rod - whether for overhead or spey casting

    RIO's Switch line is the ultimate all-round line for the switch rod. A unique taper allows casters to either overhead, or spey cast according to skill and fishing application. The line will easily cast heavy nymph and indicator rigs, and with its long head, allows anglers to mend and control the way the fly fishes at distance. The line is built with a slick coating over a supple core that will not tangle, or require stretching in the coldest of conditions.
  • Short, powerful front taper that easily casts large flies
  • Long head allows great control of the fly at distance
  • DualTone easily shows where the line's sweet spot is
  • Exceptionally neat, strong welded loops that don't come apart
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SKU Line Size Color Sink Rate 30ft Head Wt Full Head Wt Head Length Total Length MSRP
6-20114 4/5F Beige/Pale Green Float 225gr / 14.6gm 375gr / 24.3gm 55ft / 16.8m 100ft / 30m 89.95 Buy
6-20115 5/6F Beige/Pale Green Float 260gr / 16.8gm 430gr / 27.9gm 55ft / 16.8m 100ft / 30m 89.95 Buy
6-20116 6/7F Beige/Pale Green Float 300gr / 19.4gm 500gr / 32.4gm 55ft / 16.8m 100ft / 30m 89.95 Buy
6-20117 7/8F Beige/Pale Green Float 350gr / 22.7gm 575gr / 37.3gm 55ft / 16.8m 100ft / 30m 89.95 Buy
6-20118 8/9F Beige/Pale Green Float 400gr / 25.9gm 650gr / 42.1gm 55ft / 16.8m 100ft / 30m 89.95 Buy