• Aqua/Sand

General Purpose Tropical Floating

An all-purpose fly line designed for tropical conditions.

    RIO's general purpose, tropical saltwater fly lines are designed for anglers that fish in warm climates, and feature short, powerful front tapers to easily cast large flies. Each line is built on a medium stiff core, and has a hard, tropical coating.
  • Slightly heavier than standard lines for easy loading
  • Tropical core with a hard, saltwater coating
  • AgentX and XS technologies for the ultimate in performance
  • Welded loops on both ends for fast rigging
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SKU Line Size Color Sink Rate 30ft Head Wt Full Head Wt Head Length Total Length MSRP
6-20041 WF7F Aqua/Sand Float 200gr / 13gm 265gr / 17.2gm 39ft / 11.9m 100ft / 30.5m 79.95 Buy
6-20042 WF8F Aqua/Sand Float 230gr / 14.9gm 305gr / 19.8gm 40ft / 12.2m 100ft / 30.5m 79.95 Buy
6-20043 WF9F Aqua/Sand Float 270gr / 17.5gm 350gr / 22.7gm 40ft / 12.2m 100ft / 30.5m 79.95 Buy
6-20044 WF10F Aqua/Sand Float 330gr / 21.4gm 445gr / 28.8gm 41ft / 12.5m 100ft / 30.5m 79.95 Buy