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Striped Bass 26ft Sink Tip

A complete series of fly lines developed for the striped bass angler.

    RIO's striper series of lines are built for the modern striper angler, with easy casting, front-loaded heads. This is a series of 26 ft long sink tip lines with intermediate running lines. Each sink tip is density compensated and allows anglers to stay in touch with the fly, even when deep.
  • Front biased weight to load rods at close range
  • Density compensation on sinking tips
  • Supple coldwater core
  • Welded loops on both ends for fast rigging
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SKU Line Size Color Head Weight Head Length Sink Rate Total Length MSRP
6-21010 250gr Black/Trans Gray 250gr 34ft 10.5m 1.5/6.5 ips 100ft 30.5m 79.95 Buy
6-21014 300gr Black/Trans Salmon 300gr 34ft 10.5m 1.5/7.2 ips 100ft 30.5m 79.95 Buy
6-21011 350gr Black/Trans Blue 350gr 34ft 10.5m 1.5/8.2 ips 100ft 30.5m 79.95 Buy
6-21015 400gr Black/Trans Yellow 400gr 34ft 10.5m 1.5/8.5 ips 100ft 30.5m 79.95 Buy
6-21012 450gr Black/Trans Tan 450gr 34ft 10.5m 1.5/9.0 ips 100ft 30.5m 79.95 Buy