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Powerflex Shooting Line

A super-slick, long distance casting shooting line that is ideal for all types of shooting heads.

    RIO's Floating Powerflex shooting line is built with a super slick, XS Technology coating that ensures the longest of casts. A large welded loop in the front end makes it very easy for anglers to thread the whole coil of a shooting head through for the most efficient of rigging, while a slightly thicker, durable section is easy to grip and gives long lasting performance. A range of diameters ensure there is a perfect size for each shooting head option on the market.
  • Large welded loop on the front allows anglers to quickly attach shooting head coils
  • Ultra slick coating with a supple core for maximum distance casts
  • A complete range of diameters in floating and intermediate densities for all head sizes
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SKU Line Size Sink Rate Color Total Length MSRP
6-19033 .024I 1.5-2 ips Orange Tint 100ft 30.5m 39.95 Buy
6-19034 .030I 1.5-2 ips Chartreuse Tint 100ft 30.5m 39.95 Buy
6-19035 .035I 1.5-2 ips Blue Tint 100ft 30.5m 39.95 Buy
6-19027 .024F Float Orange 100ft 30.5m 39.95 Buy
6-19028 .030F Float Chartreuse 100ft 30.5m 39.95 Buy
6-19029 .035F Float Blue 100ft 30.5m 39.95 Buy