Trout LT DT

The ultimate line for dry flies, emergers and subtle presentations.

    The double taper Trout LT features a long, fine front taper for the lightest of presentations. This extra supple line is built with weight distributed towards the back of the line to aid in making easy roll and single handed spey casts. The line features "MaxFloat Tip" - RIO's proprietary tip coating formula that floats more than twice as high as regular floating lines, and is perfect for fishing dry flies, nymphs and emergers.
  • Long front taper for the softest in presentation
  • Rear loaded weight for easy roll and single handed spey casting
  • Built with a super supple, coldwater core and coating
  • 000F-0F do not include loops
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SKU Line Size Color Sink Rate 30ft Head Wt Total Length MSRP
6-20717 DT000F Sage Float 40gr / 2.6gm 80ft / 24.4m 74.95 Buy
6-20718 DT00F Sage Float 50gr / 3.2gm 80ft / 24.4m 74.95 Buy
6-20719 DT0F Sage Float 58gr / 3.8gm 80ft / 24.4m 74.95 Buy
6-20720 DT1F Sage Float 66gr / 4.3gm 80ft / 24.4m 74.95 Buy
6-20721 DT2F Sage Float 85gr / 2.5gm 80ft / 24.4m 74.95 Buy
6-20722 DT3F Sage Float 105gr / 6.8gm 80ft / 24.4m 74.95 Buy
6-20723 DT4F Sage Float 125gr / 8.1gm 90ft / 27.4m 74.95 Buy
6-20724 DT5F Sage Float 145gr / 9.4gm 90ft / 27.4m 74.95 Buy
6-20725 DT6F Sage Float 165gr / 10.7gm 90ft / 27.4m 74.95 Buy