RIO Gold Tournament

The ultimate distance casting tournament line.

    The RIO Gold Tournament line is designed for long distance casting events, and features an extra-long head for maximum distance.
  • Conforms to AFTMA and competition specifications
  • Legal for standard weight forward floating line distance competitions
  • Long head for ultimate casting control
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Fly Line Selector

SKU Line Size Color Sink Rate 30ft Head Wt Full Head Wt Head Length Total Length MSRP
6-21796 WF5F Orange Float 146gr / 9.5gm 320gr / 20.7gm 76ft / 23.2m 120ft / 36.6m 79.95 Buy
6-21797 WF6F Orange Float 165gr / 10.7gm 370gr / 24gm 76ft / 23.2m 120ft / 36.6m 79.95 Buy