Orange / Moss / Yellow

InTouch Xtreme Indicator

An incredibly advanded nymphing line, ideal for fishing indicators out of a boat

    The InTouch Xtreme Indicator line has been designed to be a very effective tool for anglers that fish nymphs and indicators out of a boat. The short head has a powerful front taper that casts indicator rigs with ease, and loads up with a single cast. Built with RIO’s ultra-low stretch ConnectCore Technology, the line allows for intuitively better cast timing, easier line lifts and sharp, precise mends. Lack of stretch also means faster reaction time when setting the hook.
  • Short, easy casting head to easily throw large indicators and flies
  • Ultra-low core stretch for maximum performance
  • Unique three-color SureFire system ensures unprecedented accuracy control
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SKU Line Size Color Sink Rate Full Head Wt Head Length Total Length MSRP
6-20224 WF5F Orange / Moss / Yellow Float 185gr / 12gm 33ft / 10m 90ft / 27.4m 89.95 Buy
6-20225 WF6F Orange / Moss / Yellow Float 215gr / 13.9gm 33ft / 10m 100ft / 30.5m 89.95 Buy
6-20226 WF7F Orange / Moss / Yellow Float 240gr / 15.6gm 33ft / 10m 100ft / 30.5m 89.95 Buy
6-20227 WF8F Orange / Moss / Yellow Float 280gr / 18.1gm 33ft / 10m 100ft / 30.5m 89.95 Buy
6-20228 WF9F Orange / Moss / Yellow Float 330gr / 21.4gm 33ft / 10m 100ft / 30.5m 89.95 Buy