RIO's Fantastic Advisory Team

RIO Products is acclaimed world-wide for its evolutionary leader, tippet and fly line designs. RIO is at the forefront of the fly fishing industry in its creativity and dedication to creating products that solve problems and enhance fly fishing. A number of fly line designs and ideas have come from the remarkable RIO Advisory Team. These guys are on the water more than most and really know what a fly line should do. Their ideas, testing opportunities and experiences help make RIO fly lines the best there are.

Barry & Cathy Beck

The Becks are often referred to as the "first couple of fly fishing."

Mike Lawson

Mike was born and raised in southeastern Idaho and has fished the local trout streams in Idaho all of his life.

John Barr

John lived his first 12 years in the Pacific North West where he discovered the joy of fly fishing.

Brian Chan

Brian Chan has been an avid fly fisher and fly tier for almost 40 years.

Phil Rowley

For over 20 years Phil Rowley has been fly-fishing stillwaters almost exclusively.

April Vokey

April Vokey lives in British Columbia and is a self-taught angler and steelhead, salmon and trout guide.

Lani Waller

Lani has been fly fishing for forty five years and was inducted into the Fly Fishing Hall of Fame in 1997.

Scott O'Donnell

A transplant to the Pacific Northwest, settled on the banks of the North Fork Stillaguamish River.

Captain Brian Horsley

A fly fishing photographer and author and charter captain on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Captain Sarah Gardner

Captain Sarah Gardner is a lifelong angler who made the transition into fly fishing, almost 20 years ago.

Diana Rudolph

Much of her youth was spent vacationing in the Florida Keys, where she began fishing at a very young age.

Jon Cave

Jon Cave is an author/photographer/lecturer and a USCG licensed guide based in Central Florida.

Pete Humphreys

Pete is a popular Michigan river guide and casting instructor, specializing in swinging flies for Great Lakes steelhead on the world famous Muskegon River.

Mark Raisler

Mark has been fishing Montana's Missouri River for over 20 years and has yet to tire of it.

Captain Gene Quigley

Capt. Gene Quigley is considered one of the top fly tackle captains in the Northeast.

Mike McCune

Mike McCune is a full time fly fishing guide and lives on Oregon's north coast.

Topher Browne

Topher Browne lives in Portland, Maine, putting him within a day's drive of the salmon rivers of eastern Canada.