Fly Line Videos

Welding a Loop in T Material

Watch a short video on welding a loop in "T" material

Choosing a Bonefish line

Watch a short video on selecting the right bonefish line

Choosing a Tarpon Line

Watch a short video on selecting the right tarpon line

RIO's Choosing a Trout Line

This short video that explains the applications of each floating RIO trout line.

RIO's Choosing a Spey Line

A short video on how to choose the correct RIO Spey Line for any situation.

RIO's Choosing a Spey Shooting Line

A short video on how to choose the correct Spey Running Line.

RIO's Perception Fly Lines

The RIO Perception is the most advanced trout line ever made.

RIO's Attaching a Braided Loop

This video shows how to attach a RIO Braided Loop to the end of a fly line.

RIO's InTouch Fly Lines

InTouch Fly Lines with ConnectCore Technology - the secret weapon for stillwater success.

MAXCast Fly Line Technology


Making RIO Fly Lines

RIO has opened its tightly controlled doors to show you just how a fly line is made.

RIO Scandi Short VersiTip Fly Line

RIO's VersiTip is a shooting head that was developed for smaller rivers & tight casts.

RIO Products UniSpey Fly Line

RIO's new UniSpey line is the ultimate all-around, general purpose spey line.

Skagit MOW Tips

Scott O'Donnell and Mike McCune talk about RIO's Skagit MOW Tips.

RIO Modern Spey

View a short trailer of RIO's Modern Spey Casting Dvd

RIO XS Technology

A behind-the-scenes look at how RIO scientists test fly line slickness

Cleaning A Fly Line
- Part 1

In this video, we show a simple method for cleaning your fly line.

Cleaning A Fly Line
- Part 2

The use of the RIO Wonder Cloth and Agent X Dressing will make your line as good as new.