• Bronze
  • Silver

Toothy Critter Leader

The leader you need when chasing anything toothy.

    A medium stiff nylon leader tapering to 16lb; attached to which is either a shock tippet of nylon-coated stainless steel wire with a small stainless steel snap to change flies easily (Silver), or thin brown Vectran wire you can easily tie a knot in (Bronze).

Ideal for:

  • Pike
  • Bluefish
  • Barracuda
SKU Total Length Test Shock Material MSRP
6-24340 7.5ft 2.3m 15lb Bronze Wire 7.95 Buy
6-24341 7.5ft 2.3m 20lb Bronze Wire 7.95 Buy
6-24342 7.5ft 2.3m 30lb Bronze Wire 7.95 Buy
6-24343 7.5ft 2.3m 45lb Bronze Wire 7.95 Buy
6-24350 7.5ft 2.3m 15lb Silver Wire 7.95 Buy
6-24351 7.5ft 2.3m 20lb Silver Wire 7.95 Buy
6-24352 7.5ft 2.3m 30lb Silver Wire 7.95 Buy
6-24353 7.5ft 2.3m 45lb Silver Wire 7.95 Buy