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10 Tips for Success with Stillwater Chironomids by Brian Chan

I’ll be the first to admit I am a certified stillwater chironomid aficionado. I love the challenge of locating the hatch, determining what size and colour pupa the trout are selecting and dialing in the exact depth zone that the … Continue reading

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Fishing the Drop-off, by Brian Chan

Life is pretty simple for trout and char living in productive stillwaters. Ideal habitat consists of access to easily available food sources which are in close proximity to the protection of deeper water. The drop-off area offers both, which in … Continue reading

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The Countdown Method, by Phil Rowley

Placing your fly at the right depth is one of the keys to success when fly fishing lakes.  Having a selection of sinking lines of varying densities gives you the opportunity to place your fly at the correct depth. A … Continue reading

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Steelhead/Salmon Leaders for Trout? by Cathy Beck

I learned a new trick this week, something so obvious that I’m embarrassed to admit that I never thought about trying.

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New Zealand Fly Fishing Essentials, By Lani Waller

The Essential Perspective and Choice of Tackle New Zealand trout fishing can be easy, or difficult, depending on your abilities, weather, the mood of the trout, whether or not they are feeding, and whether they are browns or rainbows.

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5 Tips on Fishing the Henry’s Fork, by Mike Lawson

Over the years the Harriman State Park section of the Henry’s Fork has had its ups and downs. Fishing really hit the skids during the drought years of the 90s but it has rebounded nicely. It was known as the … Continue reading

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