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Double Loop-to-Loop Connection – By Jon B. Cave

Because the standard loop-to-loop connection is versatile, simple to use, and slides through rod guides easier than other knots, most of us rely on it at some point to fasten a loop on one part of the line system to … Continue reading

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Don’t Get Stuck in a Rut – By Cathy Beck

As I write this we are driving down 50 miles of dirt road on our way to Estancia Quemquemtreu near San Martin de los Andes in Patagonia, Argentina. Our guide Andres Homosilla is driving and Adele is playing in the … Continue reading

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Finding Trout in Protective Stillwaters – By Phil Rowley

In my previous blog entry I discussed comfort factors you can use to help determine where trout might be holding in your favorite lake or perhaps one you are visiting for the first time. In addition to comfort, other factors … Continue reading

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Why Emergers Are Important, Trout – By Mike Lawson

Most anglers believe that the secret to catching ultra selective trout is knowing what they’re feeding on. After determining which aquatic insects are on the water it’s a simple matter of selecting a fly pattern that is the proper size … Continue reading

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Floating Lines and Strike Indicators – By Brian Chan

Here’s some tips on how to fish Floating lines and strike indicators with success on stillwaters…

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Better Casting in Saltwater – By Jon B. Cave

When anglers refer to fly-fishing in saltwater, they could be talking about a number of unique environments: flats, offshore, near shore, reefs, beaches, tidal creeks, mangrove backwaters, spartina grass shorelines, or other marine settings. Although each of the various locations … Continue reading

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