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The Countdown Method, by Phil Rowley

Placing your fly at the right depth is one of the keys to success when fly fishing lakes.  Having a selection of sinking lines of varying densities gives you the opportunity to place your fly at the correct depth. A … Continue reading

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Nymph Fishing, By John S. Barr

There are many effective ways to present nymphs to trout and they all work. The two approaches I use are the standard indicator method and the hopper-copper-dropper techniques.

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Common Mistakes in Fly Fishing, By Nick Curcione

With over 40 years of presenting flies in just about every locale imaginable I could easily fill a book of chronic mistakes made by fellow fly fishers and myself. In the interest of helping us all improve our game I … Continue reading

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Fishing The Hang, by Phil Rowley

Just about every stillwater fly fisher has experienced a vicious swirl, felt a solid tug or seen the flash of fish as it attempts to pounce on your fly just as you raise the rod to cast at the end … Continue reading

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Summer Stillwater, By Brian Chan

Contrary to popular belief there is a lot of great lake fishing to be had after the spring to early summer chironomid or midge fishing subsides. Damselfly and caddis fly emergences, although much shorter in duration, offer some great nymphal, … Continue reading

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The Sugar Pop, By April Vokey

I first started tying the Sugar Pop almost ten years ago while sitting around a table of men in a small hostel on the Thompson River in British Columbia. Amongst a table of black and dark purple feathers, I decided … Continue reading

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