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Oh My Scud – by Brian Chan

One common denominator of the most productive stillwater trout fisheries found in North America and other areas of the world is the presence of Freshwater Shrimp which are also referred to as scuds.   These amphipods thrive in nutrient rich, alkaline … Continue reading

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Common Stillwater Mistakes, by Phil Rowley

Part of the fuel that drives my stillwater passion is the time I spend guiding or with students through my seminars or on the water schools. From this time and experience on the water I have watched both clients and … Continue reading

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Under the Indicator, by Brian Chan

I often get asked what my favourite method is when fishing productive trout lakes. Without question my response is always floating lines and strike indicators. This is not to say that other lines and tactics are not effective at catching … Continue reading

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The Countdown Method, by Phil Rowley

Placing your fly at the right depth is one of the keys to success when fly fishing lakes.  Having a selection of sinking lines of varying densities gives you the opportunity to place your fly at the correct depth. A … Continue reading

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Summer Stillwater, By Brian Chan

Contrary to popular belief there is a lot of great lake fishing to be had after the spring to early summer chironomid or midge fishing subsides. Damselfly and caddis fly emergences, although much shorter in duration, offer some great nymphal, … Continue reading

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RIO’s In Touch Sinking Lines

RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, is pleased to bring stillwater anglers the latest in advanced sinking line technology with the new, award-winning “In-Touch” series. Packed with innovative solutions for the stillwater angler, these lines are … Continue reading

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