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How to Fight Wind in the Magic Waters of Patagonia: Equipment Selection – By Martin Aylwin

Chilean Patagonia is truly an amazing fishery. There are more rivers and lakes that you could probably fish in a lifetime. If I can tell you what is the most amazing thing for me about Patagonia is that most of … Continue reading

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Essential Fly lines for Success on Stillwaters by Brian Chan

Consistently successful stillwater fly fishers have a basic understanding of trout biology. This means knowing the seasonal habitat preferences of the fish and importance of the different habitat (depth zones). Simply put, trout do not spend all their time in … Continue reading

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Redfish (red drum) and spotted seatrout are closely related members of the Drum Family (Sciaenidae). Among flyfishers (and probably other anglers as well), redfish are arguably the most popular of all species that inhabit saltwater flats, and spotted seatrout probably … Continue reading

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Swingin’ for Kings, by Jason Hartwick

Swingin’ for Kings: The Idiots gear guide for Spey fishing for Chinook Salmon The mighty Chinook salmon or “King” as many refer to them, might be one of the most prized anadromous fish an angler can hook in fresh water. … Continue reading

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RIO Unveils Fly Line Selector App

RIO Products Unveils Its Fly Line Selector App Idaho Falls, Idaho (August 1, 2014) – RIO Products makes the connection to fish come easier for anglers whether it’s through its lines, leaders and tippet or through education on the consumer … Continue reading

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Dialing in the RIO Scandi, by Topher Browne

The RIO Scandi is a new offering from RIO Products for 2014. Though new, the RIO Scandi is really an amalgam of two old friends: the RIO AFS and the RIO Steelhead Scandi. The RIO Scandi adds the new ConnectCore … Continue reading

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