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5 Tips on Fishing the Henry’s Fork, by Mike Lawson

Over the years the Harriman State Park section of the Henry’s Fork has had its ups and downs. Fishing really hit the skids during the drought years of the 90s but it has rebounded nicely. It was known as the … Continue reading

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10 Common Mistakes for Spring Creeks, By Mike Lawson

The vast flats of the Harriman Park of the Henry’s Fork, the deeps runs of the Fall River in Northern California, the quiet shallows of Crane Creek in Missouri and similar spring creeks offer the ultimate challenge in trout fishing. … Continue reading

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Why Emergers Are Important, Trout – By Mike Lawson

Most anglers believe that the secret to catching ultra selective trout is knowing what they’re feeding on. After determining which aquatic insects are on the water it’s a simple matter of selecting a fly pattern that is the proper size … Continue reading

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