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Deschutes Steelhead, by Simon Gawesworth

Deschutes – October 2013 Where: Deschutes – Around Maupin When: 11th and 12th October Who: Simon Gawesworth & Stephen Roberts Species: Steelhead

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Journey to the Dean River, by Aaron Stiny

A few short weeks ago I ended up on the Dean River through an unfortunate stroke of fate. An injury to the another RIO employee (that contrary to popular belief around the office was not inflicted purposely!) came less than … Continue reading

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Early Season Dean, by Pete Humphreys

We landed in Bella Coola after a some what “white knuckler” flight from Vancouver. The small twin engine prop plane bounced and jerked as we made the staggering descent though the mountains. Bella Coola is the staging post to gain … Continue reading

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Atlantic Salmon in Quebec, by Topher Browne

It’s 8:30 a.m. and Greg Pearson and I are feeling rather refreshed. I’m staring into the black abyss of an extra-large Tim Horton’s coffee, wondering if there are any cells in my body that have yet to receive an infusion … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Steelhead Snob, By April Vokey

The dark shadows of silhouetted heads filled the auditorium. I couldn’t see their faces but I could hear their concentration and I knew that the attention of my audience was fixated on the surfeit of steelhead photos that projected brilliance … Continue reading

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Dry Fly Steelhead, By Lani Waller

The “down and across” wet fly for steelhead is technically more difficult than a dry fly presentation, but nothing surpasses the excitement of a steelhead rising to and through the surface film to take a floating pattern. There are a … Continue reading

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