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Learn from our pros about Saltwater fishing in their favorite fisheries.

Tips for Wading the Flats, By Jon B. Cave

Gamefish that inhabit the shallowest portions of saltwater flats are notoriously skittish and even the most subtle disturbance can send them scrambling. It has become almost cliché that you have to stalk these shallow-water fish as silently as possible in … Continue reading

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RIO line testing in Guanaja Honduras

RIO’s Marlin Roush recently joined a trip to Guanaja Honduras for some flats fishing. Of course he took the opportunity to test a variety of lines and work with some prototypes.

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The Meaning of Guide, By Capt. Sarah Gardner

For most people, the definition of “being a fishing guide” is simply someone who takes people fishing – and gets paid to do so. Guides, on the other hand, know that there is much more to this job description, and … Continue reading

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Tips for a Saltwater Flat, by Barry Beck

A light breeze blows in over the pancake flat in front of my temporary office. I sit here under a weathered umbrella, my HP laptop open with two local dogs under my rickety table. The black lab named “Tarpon” is … Continue reading

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Salty Pike, by Silja Longhurst

With the pike and I, it is a love /hate relationship. Although not to fond of its large mouth with the many large, sharp teeth, I just can’t let them be. I have to fish for them and this I … Continue reading

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Beyond a WF-F, by Diana Rudolph

Too windy, too calm; the tide was weak, the tide was strong; too cold, too warm. Shall I continue? These are conditions that all anglers have experienced. Thankfully, those rare but divine occasions exist when everything falls into place; but … Continue reading

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