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Learn from our pros about Saltwater fishing in their favorite fisheries.

Fishing with a Purpose – by Alex Filous and Robert Lennox

As we march across the coral riddled sand flats of a seldom visited atoll in the south pacific, a faint shadow slides into our field of vision, it is a bonefish – or as the locals refer to it in … Continue reading

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Tips for Locating Winter Redfish and Spotted Seatrout – by Jon Cave

Winter is my favorite time of year to chase redfish and spotted seatrout with a fly rod near my home in East Central Florida. Water clarity peaks as colder temperatures kill much of the algae that can thrive during warmer … Continue reading

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Rigging Up for Billfish on the Fly – by Brian Horsley

 Fly-fishing for billfish is definitely a think-outside-of-the-box situation for most fly anglers. Still, there is a growing group of fly fisherman who embrace the challenge.

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So You Want to Start Kayak Fishing in the Salt – by Scott Jontes

So you’ve decided to take the plunge into saltwater fly fishing. Now what? How do you get started? What gear will you need? How should you set up your kayak? While all these questions may seem overwhelming at first, getting … Continue reading

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Look Out Below , Sink Tip Lines – by Brian Horsley

One of the most frequently used saltwater fly lines in the Mid Atlantic region is a full intermediate. Along those lines—no pun intended—the RIO OutBound Short is a popular high-performance intermediate line we use quite often in and around the … Continue reading

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Never Too Old or Too Windy – by Sarah Gardner

     A pair of “old” clients show that they’ve got the right stuff. It’s a sad morning for me, horrible weather has caused me to cancel the last three days of a six-day trip with a pair of beloved clients. … Continue reading

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