RIO’s Avid Line Wins Field & Stream Best of Best Award

Here’s the scoop on why the new Avid Series Trout Line was awarded the Best of the Best Award from Field & Stream.

The Avid Freshwater Trout Line from RIO gets the nod this year for infusing some sanity into what has become a confusing array of fly-line selections.

The tapers are sensibly designed for all-around use, and the same slick Agent X coating used on Rio’s more expensive models promotes smooth casting and efficient shooting.

The floating lines float high, repel surface contamination, and clean up easily. A welded front loop makes for simple loop-to-loop leader connection.

This high-quality, general–purpose line is reasonably priced and will answer the demands of most trout anglers. It comes in weight-forward and double-taper versions. –Joe Cermele

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  1. Greeting from across the ocean. Great article I will return for more.

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