RIO Products Adds the New Skagit iFlight for Spey

RIO Products - Skagit Shooting Head - Fly Lines - Fly FishingNovember 1, 2012 (Idaho Falls, Idaho) – RIO Products, manufacturer of fly lines, leaders and tippet material, is excited to introduce an addition to the Skagit Shooting Head collection – the new Skagit iFlight. Skagit heads are designed for Spey casting with long two-handed fly rods and are specifically made to cast large, heavy flies and fast sinking tips.

The new Skagit iFlight is built on a radically new short Skagit taper, perfected by RIO’s Spey experts, to make it even easier to cast. The rear distributed weight deeply loads Spey rods in the “D-loop” and ensures the casting stroke is smooth and efficient, while the steady taper towards the front means the line unrolls with great efficiency. There is enough mass at the front to lift the fastest sink tips and the largest flies making it a perfect fall/winter line.

Skagit iFlight - RIO Products - New for 2013

Line profile and specification for the new iFlight.

The iFlight has an 8-foot long, highly visible floating back section that allows anglers to track and control the fly during the swing. The unique clear camouflage intermediate front section sinks at a rate of 1.5-inches per second and is ideal when extra depth is needed, in strong currents, tough winds or when fishing with awkward water hydraulics. In addition, the intermediate front section allows for a much slower swing than regular floating Skagit heads and gives a smooth, clean depth transition between the floating body and the fast sinking tip.

Available in 25-grain increments from 450 grain heads through 750 grains. This line comes in a clear camo/pale orange color. These new shooting heads can be found at any RIO dealer for a retail price of $49.95.

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