RIO line testing in Guanaja Honduras

RIO’s Marlin Roush recently joined a trip to Guanaja Honduras for some flats fishing. Of course he took the opportunity to test a variety of lines and work with some prototypes.


Where The island of Guanaja north of Honduras
Outfitter: Flyfish Guanaja
Who I was a group of ten hosted bt Pat Ehlers, The Fly Fishers
When Late February 2013
Species Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Snook
Conditions In the 90’s and mostly sunny but windy for most days, coral flats mostly covered with Turtle Grass
Besy Fly Kung Fu Crab for Permit, Bonefish were not picky about the pattern
Flylines RIO Bonefish and RIO Bonefish Quickshooter for Bonefish, the Quickshooter was very advantageous with the wind
Experimental Permit line for the other species.
Leaders 12 ft. 8 lb. and 10 lb. RIO Bonefish Leaders, 10′ 15 lb. and 20 lb. RIO Saltwater Leader for Permit
I preferred the RIO Saltwater Tippet, durable but more supple than the RIO Hard Alloy Tippet which allowed for more action with the bonefish flies
Tackle 8 wt. and 10 wt Sage ONE rods, various Sage reels

The bonefishing was done mostly wading the flats and casting to tails. Permit fishing was mostly from the boat over 3-4 feet of water on the flats. The Tarpon available were in Creek mouths and small mangrove Lagoons. We did find Snook available in one particular creek mouth. The guides were great and all spoke English well. On a few days rather than a shore lunch we visited local establishments. Over all the Lodge food was excellent, mostly local flavor with plenty of Seafood. The lodge has wadable flats all around it, in fact 2 of the permit were caught before breakfast!

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